Crown Throttle Position Sensor & Accessories

The Crown throttle position sensor is one of the many dozens of sensors out there which can be fitted in your vehicle. The sensors which are available in the market right now can provide critical data to the engine management computer of a modern, fuel-injected engine. But, what sets the throttle position sensor apart from the rest? The throttle position sensor or the TSP is one of the rare sensors that you can have in your auto and you can actually adjust.

The throttle position sensor is the sensor that is used to monitor the position of the throttle in the internal combustion engine. This particular device is usually located on the butterfly spindle so that it can directly monitor the position of the butterfly throttle valve. This is usually a potentiometer and therefore provides a variable resistance that is depended upon the position of the butterfly valve.

The TPS is a potentiometer with a 5-volt reference input and a signal ground provided by the PCM. At a closed throttle position, the sensor is low at approximately 0.5 volt. As the throttle plate opens, the output signal increases so that at wide open throttle, the output voltage will be high at 5 volts. The sensor signal is used by the engine control unit as an input to its control system. The ignition timing and the fuel injection timing are altered depending upon the position of the throttle and the rate of change of that position. Typically, this device is mounted to the throttle body and then connected to the throttle plate shaft. As with other devices installed in your auto, this functional part could also fail at some point in time, so be ready to replace it. The Crown throttle position sensor that you can get here at Parts Train is one great replacement that you can have.