Crown Throttle Cable & Accessories

If your stock throttle cable needs a replacement, make sure that you get a Crown throttle cable for a reliable performance. You can check out our site's extensive selection of throttle cables for almost every vehicle make and model out there, and you can even get your throttle cable at your most convenient time.

What is a throttle cable and how important is this cable to the overall operation of your vehicle? Technically, the throttle cable or linkage will effectively control the throttle valve by connecting it to the accelerator pedal. Effectively pressing on the pedal will cause the linkage to open the throttle plate and the choke plate. And, this will cause air to rush through the barrel. The throttle cable is usually under the hood and is on the right side of the engine compartment, bolted to the big aluminum intake manifold. There will be two nuts holding the cable to the bracket on the manifold.

If you want to make sure that the throttle cable is always working at its best, there are a number of steps that you can take. When you notice that there is a slow response when you mash on the gas pedal, chances are you have a loose throttle cable. Now, if that cable will be too tight for comfort, it will not be beneficial to your vehicle since it will not allow your auto to drop to proper idle, thus causing excessive fuel consumption. But if this thing happens to your automobile, fret no longer since the throttle cable is one of the simplest adjustments under the hood of your vehicle. And if you want to install a new throttle cable, worry no more since Parts Train carries the Crown throttle cable, as well as many other Crown Parts and accessories, which are right for your auto.