Crown Thermostat & Accessories

The Crown thermostat is one ideal auto part that will help you in effectively regulating the desired temperature in your auto's engine. Typically, a thermostat consists of an outer body which houses a temperature-sensitive valve that opens and closes based on the coolant temperature. Most of these functional devices operate completely of coolant temperature, although some vehicles may use computer-controlled thermostats which are regulated by the powertrain control module. Usually, the thermostat is located towards the top of the engine, in the outlet going to the radiator. In some cases, this device may be seen towards the bottom of the engine near the inlet to it. It has a rating in degrees that will reflect the typical cooling system temperature that it maintains.

Specifically, the thermostat is the cooling system's temperature regulator. While your vehicle's engine is cold, the thermostat will stay closed and will keep the coolant flowing within the engine. This will then help the coolant in the engine to warm quickly. The warm coolant will cause the valve in the thermostat to open slightly, thus allowing some of the coolant to flow to the radiator and then back to the engine. And as the engine continues to warm, the device will open in relation to the heat of the coolant. Under normal conditions with a fully-warmed engine, the thermostat will be completely open.

Because of the sensitivity of the role of the thermostat in your vehicle, proper care should be extended to the part. The device is one critical component of the cooling system which can cause a number of problems when damaged. If the thermostat needs to be replaced, act immediately and search for a replacement. The Crown thermostat is one replacement that you can depend on, and you can get it here at Parts Train when you scan our inventory of auto parts and accessories.