Crown Tail Pipe & Accessories

Make your vehicle a stand out among the pack by installing the Crown tail pipe. This particular product from the Crown brand is actually just one of the many components of the whole exhaust system that can make your ride perform superbly on the road. Generally, the tail pipe is the pipe that will carry the flow of exhaust from the muffler to the rear of your vehicle. A number of automobiles will have an integral resonator in the tail pipe. This kind of resonator will be the same as a small muffler and will provide additional exhaust silencing.

In some exhaust systems, the resonator will be clamped to the tail pipe. Now, regular tail pipes will have a number of bends that fit around the chassis and the driveline components. All exhaust parts, including the tail pipe, should be positioned away from the chassis and the driveline to prevent rattling. Usually, a tail pipe extends under the rear bumper, and the end of this pipe is cut at an angle to deflect the exhaust downward. This functional component can be used as a styling accessory as well, as there are tail pipes out there which are crafted and finished in different materials and designs. So, better select the more appropriate tail pipe for your ride. For more performance, you can also add a tail pipe extension that is available in most auto parts store. This extension is attached to the tail pipe with lock screws.

If you do not want to compromise the overall performance of your vehicle's exhaust system, there is one tail pipe that you can have in your auto – the Crown tail pipe. Equip your vehicle with the Crown tail pipe and secure the part only here at Parts Train for the maximum performance of your vehicle's exhaust system.