Crown Steering Coupling & Accessories

The moment you find the need for a new steering coupling in your vehicle, look no further and only get the best there is, like the Crown steering coupling. The steering coupling, also known as the rag joint, is the coupling that forms a flexible connection between your original equipment manufacturer's steering box which is mounted to the frame, and the steering shaft that is mounted to the body. Looks like a very functional part of your vehicle, right? Indeed, this component is a functional one. Aside from its role, every steering coupling is also used in many original equipment manufacturer style applications to absorb vibration and power steering noise.

As mentioned above, the steering coupling is a type of a rag joint. Generally, rag joints are used to refer to certain flexible joints which are employed in automobiles. They are typically found in the steering shafts that connect the steering wheel to the steering gear input shaft, usually at the steering gear end. What these parts do is to provide some flex in the shaft. They also provide some damping for the vibrations coming from the steering system that would otherwise go to the steering wheel. They are usually bolted or riveted to flanges mounted on the ends of the shafts to connect driver steering effort into the steering gear.

To sum up, what the steering coupling or the rag joint does is to make the connection between the steering box and the shaft, and also to ease vibration and power steering noise. The installation of this particular part is vital to your vehicle, so better select only the most reliable product. The Crown steering coupling will surely get the right job done, so secure this part now here at Parts Train. Parts Train offers various Crown parts for all your driving needs.