Crown Steering Column & Accessories

Why don't you install a Crown steering column and see what benefits this significant part can bring you and your vehicle? Technically, the steering column is primarily designed for that all important driver-to-vehicle interface. This particular accessory performs the pivotal role in mechanically connecting the steering wheel and the steering gear. But, aside from this job, it will also provide feedback from the road to the driver and then influence your vehicle's safety, handling, control, comfort, and convenience. Judging from what the steering column can do, you can say that this is one cost-effective part that you must have in your ride.

Generally, the energy-absorbing steering column serves two safety-oriented functions. First, this accessory stops the steering wheel and the column from being pushed to the rear as the front of your auto is crushed during an impact. The energy-absorbing column also provides you with more tolerable impact as you move forward and strike the steering wheel with your chest. And at that point in the crash, the column should build up the load on your chest to a more tolerable level and then deform under that load to give a ride-down for you.

There are a number of design problems which are presented with the use of this system. One major problem that you may encounter is the collapse of the column due to the frontal crush of your vehicle. The system must also be designed in such a way that when under crash conditions, the steering wheel will stay in a position that will make it strike your chest and not move upwards into the region of the face or below the abdomen. The part is basically a safety accessory that you can have in your vehicle. So for safety reasons, why not get the Crown steering column? You can get it here at Parts Train.