Crown Starter Solenoid & Accessories

The Crown starter solenoid is one automotive electrical component that will surely work well with your vehicle's ignition system. The starter solenoid is designed to supply the high current needed to run the starter motor of your auto and to provide the force that is needed to engage the starter. From the looks of it, this specific product from the Crown brand is very much integral to the whole operation of your vehicle's starter.

The starter solenoid is directly mounted to the starter in the ignition system. Though this functional electrical device may be similar to the starter relay, the solenoid works to convert the electrical energy into a linear motion. The starter solenoid usually contains a set of windings. The moment these windings are energized, the movement of the solenoid plunger will result, which will then engage the starter. The proper function and performance of the starter solenoid and the starter of your vehicle will actually rely and depend on a healthy battery and a sound cable connection. Make sure that all the connections are clean and tight. You can always inspect these at every oil change.

The moment the starter solenoid installed in your auto gets faulty, this can cause the starter not to engage or to lose engagement. Then, this will contribute to the poor performance of the starter in your vehicle. Just to be sure that the starter solenoid performs well on the road, have the starting system checked. Test if the starter solenoid is working as it should, along with the rest of the starting circuits. And for a better starting power of your auto, in order to avoid any inconvenience on the road, install the Crown starter solenoid, which you can easily find here at Parts Train. Browse our catalog of parts and accessories for your need.