Crown Spark Plug & Accessories

Your vehicle's ignition system plays a crucial role in starting up the engine at the right place and at the right time, and this is possible through a number of functional parts that make up the whole ignition system. One functional performance component of your auto ignition is the spark plug, primarily designed to create the right spark in the system. This is very important for the efficiency of combustion, so it is recommended that you have the finest in your vehicle. Turn to the Crown spark plug.

How does the spark plug perform its unenviable job? The Crown spark plug is fitted in the ignition system so that it can effectively ignite the right air and fuel mixture inside the cylinder. This will occur when the high voltage triggered at precisely the right instant bridges the gap between the center and the ground electrodes. The end result is an even burning of the right air and fuel mixture inside the cylinder and an efficient combustion. The spark plug will also provide a secondary purpose of helping to channel some heat away from the cylinder. Typically, the regular spark plug consists of an outer shell, a connecting terminal, a core, a seat area, a center electrode, and one or more ground electrodes.

Usually, this functional part uses steel/nickel electrodes, but there are newer designs that make use of electrodes made of precious metals such as platinum or gold. These materials for the electrodes are much less prone to corrosion, thus providing much longer life span. They also tend to resist fouling. This part may also come in different configurations, such as different threads, seats, reach lengths, and hear ranges. No matter what configuration it may come in, you cannot deny the functionality that this accessory brings to the whole ignition system. So equip your vehicle with nothing but the best spark plug, like the Crown spark plug. Get it at Parts Train for an ever reliable engine start.