Crown Shift Fork & Accessories

The Crown shift fork is a device that is designed to physically move the synchronizer and the gear together as a result of the shift lever or gearshift movement in your vehicle. The shift fork is but a part of the gearbox and works together with the whole gear shift to allow the contact from the driver to the synchronization.

The shift fork should always be manufactured using only the best materials available so that this functional part can withstand the pressure and last the life of your auto. Usually, shift forks are crafted from steel, cast iron, or aluminum. Sometimes, these parts may also contain inserts to reduce the possibility of wear. These functional components fit the inside of the sleeve groove and are directly connected to either the internal or the external shift linkage. The shift fork is held in place by a shift shaft or a shift rail. It is normally a U-shaped piece of steel that will engage the slider gears and push them into the positions you desire to create the intended gear.

Over time, the shift fork will also wear out because of constant use. And if you have a habit of continually leaning your hand on the shift lever, this can intensify shift fork wear. This is one cause of a particular transmission losing gear. Though the gears may have separate shift forks, the second and the third gears are the two most common gears to be changed under load. This may indicate that you tend to never let go of the shift lever during changing the two gears, causing wear until one of the forks gets so thin and eventually breaks. Of course, the shift fork can be replaced the moment it fails. And for a reliable replacement, trust the Crown shift fork, and trust Parts Train as your ultimate source of this part.