Crown Shackle Kit & Accessories

If you want a reliable performance coming from your vehicle and want to ensure a smooth driving experience all the time, there is one accessory kit that you can get to help you achieve that goal. The Crown shackle kit is one set of accessories that you can effectively have in your auto. Primarily, this particular kit will carry the shackle as its primary component. The shackle is the U-shaped piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with the quick-release locking pin mechanism. Usually it is used as a connecting link in all manner of rigging systems. When used in automotive system, the shackle will effectively attach the leaf spring to the auto frame.

Aside from the shackle, every Crown shackle kit will also carry the plate, the bushings, and the self locking nuts. These parts and accessories will effectively pick right and left and may be sold individually. All of these parts and components from the Crown brand feature original equipment manufacturer quality and fit, and will be dependable in your vehicle for a long period of time. The kit will effectively connect the leaf spring to the chassis or the frame and will also allow the length of the spring to change as the suspension moves up and down.

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