Crown ST Needle Bearing & Accessories

The needle bearings are the functional roller bearings with rollers that will have high length-to-diameter ratios. They are usually employed for a number of purposes and are also widely used in automotive applications. These parts are typically lubricated with grease, although the oil or oil mist is much more preferred for heavy duty or high speed applications. Among many light duty needle bearings, these parts may not require re-lubrication. However, for high loads, lubrication is a must. And for the needle bearings in your auto, check the manufacturer's advice with regards to lubrication. There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of needle bearings out there, and be sure that you entrust your vehicle to a brand that manufactures reliable needle bearings, like the Crown brand. For better performance, get the Crown ST needle bearing.

Every Crown ST needle bearing is an effective addition to your vehicle. The needle bearings in general have much smaller rollers for a given bore size as compared to other roller bearings. The needle bearings have the highest load capacity for a given radial space of all rolling-element bearings, but their use is limited to bore diameters less than 10 inches. All needle bearings will have two basic designs. The first needle bearing design, the full complement, has a full complement of needles and contains no retainer. The second design, the caged needle, contains a retainer or cage for roller guidance and spacing. The caged needle bearings will have smaller roller complements and lower load capacities than full complement bearings.

Generally, needle bearings have the advantage of higher speed capacity. Retainers prevent high-velocity rubbing between adjacent needles and provide more effective roller guidance. The needle bearings also have greater lubricant capacity, making them perfect as functional accessories in your vehicle. Better get yours now and make it the Crown ST needle bearing from the catalog of auto parts and accessories here at Parts Train.