Crown Ring Gear Bolt & Accessories

The Crown ring gear bolt is designed to efficiently perform its crucial role in your vehicle's ring gear and spacer. You will probably ask how this can be possible. How can the ring gear bolt be an effective accessory to the ring gears and the spacers in your auto? Let's start by identifying what a starting ring gear or a ring gear is.

The starting ring gear is the steel ring with teeth which are fitted on the periphery of a flex plate or the flywheel of the internal combustion engine. The teeth of the starting ring are driven by the smaller gear, in this case the pinion of the starter motor. The primary function of the starter ring is to transfer torque from the starter motor pinion to the flywheel or the flex plate to effectively rotate the engine to begin the cycle. This functional part is commonly made by forming a length of steel into a circle and welding the ends together. After that, various heat treatments and machining operations follow, including the machining of the teeth and then heat treatment operation. The teeth of the ring gear should be hardened in order to increase and resist wear.

Now, where does the Crown ring gear bolt come in? Actually, the ring gear bolts are the ones that will effectively keep your vehicle's ring gear and spacer in place. Usually, these bolts may be hex-style, black, and may be oxide-coated. And because of the role of the bolts, it is important that they be crafted from durable materials for them to become reliable and keep the ring gear and spacer in the right place. The Crown ring gear bolt is one bolt that you can depend on. You can secure your next Crown ring gear bolt conveniently only here at Parts Train. Just look into our wide array of Crown parts for all your needs.