Crown Release Bearing Lever Spring & Accessories

The throw-out bearing is at the heart of the entire clutch operation in your vehicle. The moment the clutch pedal is depressed, this bearing moves toward the flywheel, pushing in the pressure plate's release fingers and then moving the pressure plate fingers or levers against the pressure plate spring force. This moves the pressure plate way from the clutch disc, thus interrupting power flow. And for the throw-out bearing to perform well, it needs the help of the other small parts in your clutch, and one of these is the release bearing lever spring. Though not as major in function as the other clutch components, this spring aids in the operation of the entire clutch, thus the need for one with premium quality. You will find the Crown release bearing lever spring able to meet your standard.

The Crown release bearing lever spring is one significant part of the clutch, though simple and ordinary-looking as it is. The clutch release spring is mounted on the throw-out bearing fork. It is of original equipment manufacturer's quality and is designed for a dependable service and a longer service life. Proper care and maintenance should be accorded to the part for it to stay tough amidst the pressure encountered during your daily driving, especially when you are always in a rush. Immediately have the part checked the moment you see signs of failure. The Crown brand knows the importance of crafting and manufacturing top quality parts and accessories such as the release bearing lever spring, and this is the reason why it only makes the more durable and reliable components. You can never go wrong with this Crown part.

So if you are in the market searching for a new release bearing lever spring, then always go for a more reliable one like the parts and accessories coming from the Crown brand. Secure your next Crown release bearing lever spring only here at Parts Train.