Crown Release Bearing Fork & Accessories

As you probably know, the clutch of your vehicle is one of its integral systems. This assembly is designed to effectively provide a means of connecting and disconnecting the engine from the transmission. Usually, the mechanical clutch has four major components: the flywheel, the clutch disc, the pressure plate, and the release bearing. But of course, aside from these major components, there are other small parts that make up the entire clutch. And though these components are small, their role in the clutch cannot be denied. One example of a small yet an integral clutch part is the release bearing fork. Among the products that you can rely on is the Crown release bearing fork.

The Crown release bearing fork is more like a teeter totter with a slave cylinder push rod on one side, a fulcrum in the middle, and a release bearing on the other side. The release bearing fork combinations may differ among models, and the parts are not interchangeable. The wrong combination will result to chatter and hard pedal when the fork contacts the bearing retainer. There are at least two types of these. Earlier models used a fork with two small pin type locators at the bearing end. The locators fit into holes drilled in the release bearing plate under the clip. And when installing the release bearing, ensure that the locators fit all the way inside the holes in the release bearing plates. The other type had no locator pins. Instead, it was centered by a release bearing collar that extended beyond the back of the bearing between the bearing retainer clips. When replacing the fork, ensure that it is wide enough to pass freely over the centering collar.

If you are looking for a replacement to your stock fork, opt for the Crown release bearing fork. You can get it here at Parts Train if you look into our inventory of Crown parts and accessories.