Crown Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

Vehicle emissions are among the leading causes of air pollution these days. Good thing, auto manufacturers now include devices on their models that can aid in controlling these emissions. One of these is the Crown oxygen sensor. The main function of this device is to measure the oxygen content of the exhaust right after it leaves the cylinders. This checks the red-hot exhaust before it sends the data to the vehicle's engine management computer. The computer then picks this signal and normalizes the air and fuel ratio if a rich or a lean mixture is indicated.

Crown has designed oxygen sensors that can easily respond to changes in the vehicle's oxygen content. It is of utmost importance that the lean or rich mixture be detected immediately since improper combination of oxygen and fuel can greatly affect not only the engine but also the catalytic converter. This will then result to harmful emissions which will of course have a detrimental effect to the environment. So, it is a must that your vehicle be equipped with a properly functioning oxygen sensor. However, just like the other components that aid in reducing the harmful emissions that your vehicle produces, the oxygen sensor can also fail. Some of the symptoms that can help you detect a bad oxygen sensor are rotten-egg odor, black smoke from the exhaust system, poor fuel mileage, and poor vehicle performance. If these symptoms start to show, you might as well check your sensor at once and have it replaced if needed.

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