Crown Leaf Spring & Accessories

The various automobiles on the road today employ different kinds of suspension springs for a number of purposes. The type of springs used typically depends on the suspension design of a particular auto. The coil spring is the most common spring employed by a number of vehicles out there, and this spring may be used in both the front end and at the rear end of automobiles. The leaf spring, on the other hand, like the Crown leaf spring, is one of the oldest types of spring. This spring is most commonly used in the rear end of vehicles. Aside from these two springs, the torsion bar is also popular. Though it may not be a traditional spring, this is still used in the front of most autos and light vehicles today.

The leaf spring is that kind of spring that is fitted at the rear of automobiles. It is a vehicle suspension spring that features one or more flat leaves of spring steel with graduated lengths. The Crown leaf spring will have an eye at one end to connect to the auto frame, and it is also connected to the axle with a U-bolt. Generally, as with the other kinds of springs available, this performance part supports the weight of your vehicle and will allow the suspension system to move and adapt to any road irregularity, thus compressing when the wheels hit a bump.

Being a component of the suspension, and being a performance part that can eventually affect the handling of your auto, the leaf spring should be well taken cared of. So get a reliable one and get the Crown leaf spring. You can easily view and secure this part here at Parts Train, together with a wide array of other auto parts and accessories from the leading brands in the market.