Crown Ignition Module & Accessories

If you seem to be having some problems with your vehicle when it comes to starting it at the right time, then there must be something wrong with its ignition system, or more specifically, with your vehicle's ignition module. What is an ignition module and how different is it from the entire ignition system of your auto? An ignition module, like the Crown ignition module, is actually the electronic control for your vehicle's ignition system. What this module does is to receive a signal from a magnetic pickup or Hall effect sensor in the distributor. The module will then use this signal to open and close the ground circuit to the ignition coil to fire the spark plugs to trigger combustion.

The Crown ignition module can be located inside the distributor, especially among GM vehicles and other import automobiles. It can also be mounted in the distributor housing, especially among some Ford applications, or in the engine compartment. Wherever this accessory is placed in your specific make and model, its role in the ignition system remains the same. Some of these modules may also control the timing and the retard. The moment the stock module of your auto goes bad, the device will usually be completely dead. The engine of your vehicle will not run since there will be no trigger voltage to the ignition coil.

If you want your automobile to consistently start at the right time, make sure that its ignition module is running in good condition. One ignition module that you can have and that you can rely on as a replacement is the Crown ignition module. Do not waste time; get your own Crown ignition module only here at Parts Train. Browse through our selection of auto parts and auto accessories and find what you need.