Crown Ignition Coil & Accessories

One significant part of your vehicle's ignition system is the ignition coil. Technically speaking, the ignition coil is an induction coil which transforms the 12 volts in the storage battery into the thousand of volts required to enable the spark plug to generate the spark needed to trigger combustion. The moment the 12 volts pass through the coil's primary windings, the set up will then create a strong magnetic field. And the moment the current is shut off, the created magnetic field will cause a surge of high voltage in the ignition coil's secondary windings. This high voltage passes through the distributor and is carried by the spark plug wires to the spark plug, where it will jump the plug gap and then fire the plugs. Because of the extreme pressure that the ignition coil is being subjected to, there is a need for it to be durable and reliable. The Crown ignition coil is one sure part that is designed to withstand much pressure.

Because of the stress that it typically encounters, your stock ignition coil may encounter problems such as shorts or opens in the internal wiring and possible cracks around the high voltage terminal. This part can be attached to the fender or the engine or mounted inside the distributor cap. If necessary, it can also be tested on or off your vehicle. The moment you see signs of failure in this part, make sure that you also inspect and test the distributor cap and the rotor and the primary voltage circuit before replacing the part.

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