Crown Idler Gear Bearing & Accessories

An idler gear is a special gear that is placed between two other gears. This does not affect the gear ratio between the input and the output gears, although it affects their direction of rotation. The idler gear is inserted between the two to transfer rotational motion from one gear to the other and to enable the two gears to rotate in the same direction. In order for the idler gear to efficiently operate, it needs the support of a specific bearing named as the idler gear bearing. Without this backup, the idler gear cannot possibly work. One specific idler gear bearing that you can install in your vehicle is the Crown idler gear bearing.

Technically, the idler gear bearing is made up of a number of small components, all working in harmony to deliver the necessary performance. Every Crown idler gear bearing boasts of an original equipment manufacturer quality and is fit for dependable service. You can be sure of performance if you get your next idler gear bearing from the Crown brand. The brand has been known to focus on quality and the affordable price of its various products. The Crown parts, which include the Crown idler gear bearing, are the perfect combination of price and quality.

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