Crown Hydraulic Release Bearing & Accessories

The Crown hydraulic release bearing is a very significant part of the entire clutch assembly that you will find between the manual transmission and the flywheel. The moment the clutch pedal is depressed, the throw-out or the release bearing will move towards the flywheel, pushing in the pressure plate's release fingers and moving the pressure plate fingers or levers against the pressure plate spring force. This action will then move the pressure plate away from the clutch disc, effectively interrupting the flow of power.

The hydraulic release bearing is usually a ball bearing unit that is mounted on a sleeve and then attached to the release or throw-out lever. The purpose of this is to apply pressure to the diaphragm spring or the release lever in the pressure plate. Do take note that the release bearing is not in constant contact with the pressure plate. A linkage adjustment clearance should be maintained. This part is attached to the fork and slides on a bearing retainer that is attached to the front of the transmission. The movement of the fork will cause the bearing to slide across the bearing retainer and press against the tips of the diaphragm spring fingers. The ball bearings will then enable it to turn while applying the pressure to the fingers. In order for the clutch to perform effectively, the bearing retainer must be exactly parallel to the input shaft and must provide a smooth surface for the release bearing.

Being a hardworking part in the clutch system, there is a possibility that this accessory can fail in such a short time. Make sure that you replace the stock part once it gets damaged with a reliable one, like the Crown hydraulic release bearing. Immediately secure your next replacement release bearing only here at Parts Train.