Crown Hood Cable & Accessories

It can fail on you, anytime and at anyplace, and the inconvenience that it will cause you can be numerous. A failing stock hood cable is bound to happen eventually. There will be that moment when you pull on your trusted hood cable release handle and instead of the easy access to your auto's dipstick, what will surprise you is a snap and the sense of being lost, as well as disappointment as the release handle flops around loosely. Actually, the cable may fail in two places. Oftentimes, at the handle, or sometimes under the hood, either the cable itself or the fastening widgets that make it work. Whatever it is, you need to remove the part and install a new one. And better make sure that it is a reliable cable, much like the Crown hood cable.

The hood cable is an important part that can be installed in your vehicle hood. It enables the easy closing and opening of the hood for access to the engine compartment and the under-the-hood component. The hood cable actually works well with the hood latch, and both effectively lock and unlock the hood everytime the situation calls for it. The effective role of the hood cable and the latch is made possible, thanks to the handle that is located either on the left side of the dash, behind the seat, or in the glove box. This handle is used by the latch and the hood cable to control the locking and the unlocking of the auto hood.

The moment your stock hood cable snaps and fails on you, get a new replacement and install the said part immediately so that you will not have any problem locking and unlocking your hood. Make sure that what you will get is the Crown hood cable, and you can get this accessory here at Parts Train.