Crown Hood & Accessories

More than the functionality that you will get from the Crown hood, your auto will definitely be a cut above the rest because of the aesthetic value that this hood boasts. Good looks will no longer be confined to racing vehicles and other performance autos. Rather, the cool aesthetic value of every hood, the Crown hood included, can already be delivered to almost every vehicle now. However, the hood, before being labeled as a cool looking accessory that can deliver appeal to your auto, has to be a functional part first. Indeed, what is a hood and how does it deliver functionality to your vehicle?

A hood, which is also known as the flop top or the bonnet, is a hinged cover over the engine of motor automobiles. It is designed to allow access to the engine compartment for maintenance and repair. A number of hoods can he held down by a latch for easy access to the engine bay. When fitted to racing vehicles and other performance autos, these hoods may be held down by hood pins. Whether you fit them on passenger automobiles or on performance and racing cars, you will need a mechanism that will hold them for you to easily access the engine compartment. The hood is used to protect the engine compartment and the under-the-hood parts and to provide access to the engine bay everytime you need to check some components. It may oftentimes contain a hood ornament, hood scoop, power bulge, or wiper jets.

Typically, hoods may be made out of steel, but aluminum is already gaining popularity as the material of choice for these parts. There are also aftermarket hood manufacturers that may construct them from fiberglass, carbon fiber, or dry carbon. Hoods are indispensable parts of the front end of your auto, and their aesthetic contribution is a bonus! Secure your Crown Hood now only here at Parts Train.