Crown Fuel Tank & Accessories

The Crown fuel tank is the ideal replacement for your stock fuel tank in case it is already damaged. It is one of the major components working with the engine. As a tank, it serves as the reservoir of the fuel needed by the engine for the combustion process. Fuel tanks greatly differ in size, but they all ensure that the fuel is safe while it is still not in use.

The Crown fuel tank consists of two pipes: the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe. Located on top or on the side of the vehicle, the outlet pipe fits to a fuel line connection and connects to the carburetor. This is mounted about a half inch over the bottom of the tank to save the carburetor from the accumulation of unwanted debris. The inlet pipe, on the other hand, is the pipe connected to the tank through which fuel is fed to it. In some fuel tanks, there is a drain plug at the bottom. This is designed to make the cleaning and draining of the tank easier.

Since most fuel tanks are made of metal, they are susceptible to damage in the form of deterioration and rusting. Damage even intensifies as the tank ages. The tank may accumulate holes and leaks that will eventually grow if neglected. All these damage keep the tank from functioning well, and can even cause danger when the fuel leaks. When you find out that your vehicle fuel tank is suffering from corrosion or any other form of damage, you must replace it with a Crown fuel tank immediately to prevent more serious problems.

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