Crown Fuel Pump O-Ring & Accessories

The fuel system's efficiency relies on a good fuel pump, whether your vehicle has fuel injectors or a carburetor. The fuel pump supplies fuel from the fuel tank to the engine cylinder via the carburetor or the injectors. The fuel pump is located either in the fuel tank or near it. An important part of the fuel pump is the O-ring, which is a round-shaped object used as a mechanical seal. Simply put, it prevents fuel from leaking and enables the fuel pump to do its job without any hitch. One of the most dependable O-rings in the market is the Crown fuel pump O-ring.

Having a dependable fuel pump O-ring is essential not only to your vehicle's performance, but also to your safety. If the fuel tank and fuel pump are not properly sealed, the tank pressurizes, causing the fuel to leak and blow backward into the muffler where it can ignite. There is a simple test that you can do to check if the O-ring of your pump is properly installed. Fill the tank up to the filler pipe and check if gas is seeping through around the O-ring. If that is the case, you should fix it the soonest time possible. Better yet, replace it with a new and reliable Crown fuel pump O-ring.

In finding a replacement O-ring, you should be very specific with the kind that you need. Since there are different fuel pump designs, shapes and sizes, different O-rings are also available. The type that you should get depends on the specifications of your fuel pump. So if you have a Jeep, going for a Crown product is an ideal move because Crown manufactures replacement parts exclusively for Jeep vehicles.

You need not look further if you have decided to get your vehicle an fuel pump O-ring. Parts Train is here to help you. We have Crown fuel pump O-Ring and other Crown products at our online store. Do not put off replacing your broken O-ring. Order a new one now and we will have the part delivered to you in no time.