Crown Fender Flares & Accessories

If you and your car are always on the go for a rugged terrain, the best things to have and be installed in your vehicle are fender flares from Crown. Crown fender flares are not only considered as simple components that offer great look to your car. They can also be effective in providing protection to your vehicle. Since this is installed on the side of the vehicle, the body paint is then protected against harmful elements that can be attained from different road conditions and harmful road debris. This is in fact a great help, for you can definitely avoid the expensive cost of repair works. But how does this fender flare works in protecting your car? As you noticed your car running, the motion or the movement of the tires could create a conflicting movement to something underneath it. Usually, this could be rock, mud or even water. Mud and water can still be manageable, but the idea of visiting the car wash everyday could be very annoying. Rocks and stone are perilous. How about discovering some scratches after you just had you car painted? Now you are in big trouble. Well, this is not just a simple problem that should be discussed, since your part as an owner involves taking extra care for your price possession - your car. So be certain in getting what you car must have. Consider Crown fender flares in your 'must buy list'. They will not only provide you with the care that you need for your car but be ensured of the lasting quality these products possess. So, check us out now, order your fender flares and see the big difference these auto frills got.

Structurally speaking, the shape and size of the Crown fender flares are directly dependent on the fender arches. There are two basic types of fender arches. First is the curved or semi-circular type while the other is the angular or half-frame type.

Fender flares are generally constructed from polyvinyl chloride plastic and usually have a plain black finish. However, there are also fender flares that come in chrome metallic finish. Some are even painted in bright colors while others feature reflectors. Still, the most dominant type is the one in black. It has become a popular choice as it is the easiest to maintain. Its black finish gives a limited contrast, thus stains are not emphasized. It is virtually stain-proof. Furthermore, this finish subtly hides minor deformities and scratches.

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