Crown Fender Extension & Accessories

The fender is one of your vehicle's most important parts because of its threefold function. First, it protects the frame, engine, and the car's body from mud splashes and road debris that are kicked up by the vehicle's wheels. Second, the fender cushions the blow of low speed, side impact collisions. Third, it enhances the aesthetic value of your vehicle. But are you aware that you can take these functions a step higher by getting a Crown fender extension? This is a panel that can be integrated into the original fender to enhance its appearance and complement its function as a shield.

The Crown fender extension can be removed when necessary. This option is very useful when the tires need to be changed or when the wheel assembly needs to be inspected. The size and design of a fender extension usually enables it to cover half of the tire. This is helpful in keeping dirt away from the body of the vehicle, but take note that the constant spattering of road debris against the fender extension can take its toll over time. And you must not always rely on it for protection against side impacts because it is not that tough.

Since the dimensions of vehicles vary, you have to get a fender extension that is specifically made for your car make and model. For Jeep vehicles, it is always better to get a Crown fender extension. This ensures a perfect fit and it does not get in the way of tire replacements. Some people go for custom-made extensions. But more often than not, these extensions are not as reliable as the factory-made ones. It is because custom-made extensions are made from flimsy materials and are attached to a vehicle only by a duct tape.

Having a Crown fender extension fitted to each of your fenders helps minimize the damage that your vehicle may incur. This is especially true if you have a Jeep that you regularly drive on hard-beaten tracks. You must get one of Crown's fender extensions here at Parts Train so that on your next off-road drive, you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected.