Crown Fan Motor & Accessories

A television needs electricity to work like a car needs an engine to run; an electric-powered radiator fan needs a premium Crown fan motor to operate. Not all people are aware that aside from the radiator, the radiator fan also helps in engine cooling. And like all mechanical components, the radiator fan needs something to make it work. This is where the fan motor comes in. Comprised of a housing, a set of permanent magnets, conductor brushes, and a rotor, the fan motor is an electric-powered motor that makes the blades of the fan spin. The rotor is generally constructed from a set of magnetic wire coils that are wound around a multi-layered iron core.

Actually, a Crown fan motor is not the only device that can make a radiator fan run. A radiator fan can also be driven by a camshaft. In this setup, the radiator fan is not directly connected to the power source. Typically, a rubber engine belt links the radiator fan to the camshaft. A thermostat-clutch mechanism may also be present as an extra feature. Responding to the fluctuating temperature of the engine, this regulates the motion of the fan blades.

To some extent, the radiator fan motor is a less efficient power source compared to the camshaft. This is because the radiator fan motor is more susceptible to mechanical failures. But there are several types of engine configurations that do not permit the direct connection between the fan blade and the camshaft. The radiator fan motor is consequently necessary in these circumstances. Like the camshaft, the radiator fan motor may also feature a thermostat-clutch mechanism that regulates the motion of the fan blades.

Due to the crucial role of an effective cooling system in every vehicle, it is important that all its components are in top shape. So when it's time to replace your old radiator fan motor, just rely on our Crown fan motor. It will surely keep your engine cool while giving you impressive horsepower. Parts Train offers the best aftermarket fan motor replacements at very competitive prices, comparably much better than other auto parts stores.