Crown Fan Clutch & Accessories

The incessant fuel price increase makes energy conservation very important nowadays. As a responsible vehicle owner, you can do your share in maximizing the energy that your vehicle uses up. You can start with your vehicle's cooling system. Whenever the cooling fan is in use, it consumes a lot of battery power, thus leaving a small amount for other engine components that also need electricity to function. To save energy, the cooling fan should be used only when needed. Installing a switch near the driver's side may be a practical move, but it is not that effective. A wiser decision is to get a fan clutch for your vehicle. And when you need one, the best that you can find is the Crown fan clutch.

A fan clutch is used to control a variable-speed cooling fan. It engages the cooling fan when the engine needs to be cooled, and disengages it when the engine is in normal operating temperature. Apart from starting or stopping the cooling fan, the fan clutch also controls the fan's speed. When the engine is about to overheat, the fan clutch speeds up the rotation of the fan blades.

Because of its function, the fan clutch plays a crucial role on the cooling process of your vehicle's engine. Thus, the fan clutch should be in good working condition at all times. Serious overheating problems due to a defective fan clutch can be prevented with regular maintenance and check-up. But still, the fan clutch will wear out in time and if it happens, you need to replace this auto part with a new Crown fan clutch as soon as possible.

Whenever your fan clutch needs a replacement, get the one that your vehicle deserves. Do not settle for cheap alternatives that compromise the quality of the auto part. For a Jeep replacement part, there is nothing better than a Crown fan clutch. Shop for Crown products here at Parts Train. Our long and rich experience in the automotive industry only proves that we know what your vehicle needs. Trust us to help you with your shopping needs.