Crown Expansion Tank & Accessories

As the core of an automobile, the engine is its chief source of energy. Fuel and air are fused to create a mixture necessary for the combustion that takes place inside the engine. Then the burning of the air-fuel mixture occurs, causing the engine to heat up. However, heat is also bad for the engine as it can lead to the engine's inefficient performance. Thus, the cooling system was devised to keep the engine cool whenever the temperature gets out of hand. It releases a heat-absorbing coolant to get rid of the heat coming from the engine.

To ensure that the cooling system copes up with the automobile's requirements in any driving condition, it needs an expansion or overflow tank. Also called the coolant reservoir or overflow canister, it is a clear plastic container linked to the overflow tube from the radiator. It allows additional storage room for the coolant when it expands as the engine heats up. Thus, the coolant can freely flow into the expansion tank and the cooling system. Otherwise, the coolant goes to waste as it flows out of the overflow tube into the road. The expansion tank also takes away air bubbles from the cooling system, creating coolant without air bubbles. This is proven to be a lot more efficient compared to coolant with air bubbles since it absorbs heat more quickly. As such is the significance of the expansion tank, you must get the perfect replacement when this auto part breaks down. We recommend that you get the tried and tested Crown expansion tank, the only choice among driving enthusiasts.

Crown is the premier provider of top-quality stock parts. Since the early 1960s, it has enjoyed widespread recognition for developing one of the most extensive stock part lineups for a diverse range of automobiles. Choose Crown when what you want are ideal parts for your vehicle. The Crown expansion tank, for instance, is guaranteed to hold a huge amount of coolant, drastically boosting the performance of the cooling system and the engine.

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