Crown Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set & Accessories

The exhaust manifold gasket of your car works in an extremely strenuous environment. It is therefore no surprise that only tough materials are used in its production. Exhaust manifold gaskets are often made from embossed steel. Others are made from fiber, graphite, or ceramic composites. Several manufacturers even experiment with combinations of different materials to produce a more reliable sealing device. One of these manufacturers is Crown Automotive, a leading distributor of Jeep replacement parts. In fact, its Crown exhaust manifold gasket set and other replacement parts are sought after in the market.

The number of exhaust manifold gaskets in a vehicle depends on the number of its manifolds. In vehicles with V6 or V8 engines that are equipped with two exhaust manifolds, two gaskets are required. Gaskets are sometimes sold individually, but it is better to buy them in sets like the Crown exhaust manifold gasket set, so that you can seal all those that need sealing. Other gaskets used in the exhaust system are the flange and ring gaskets and more often than not, these are already included in the set.

Exhaust gases surely escape from a worn out or damaged gasket and these might get into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. You do not want that to happen because it can put you and your vehicle's occupants in danger. Death due to carbon monoxide poisoning is one price you are going to pay if you do not pay attention to your damaged exhaust manifold gasket. Inhaling such toxic gas can also induce drowsiness, which can lead to road accidents. Thus, you need to replace an exhaust manifold gasket once it has gone bad. When doing so, leave the installation job to a professional mechanic to ensure that exhaust gases do not stand the chance to make their way into your vehicle's cabin.

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