Crown Door Striker & Accessories

Your car door's locking mechanism is more complex than it seems. You can see the handles, trims, key entry, and the latch, but there are other components that not usually seen. One of them is the door striker. It is where the rotor latches on when the car door is closed. Due to regular use, it often wears out sooner than other locking mechanism components of your vehicle. Driving with a worn out door striker can endanger your passenger's safety so you need to keep it in check. In certain cases, all you have to do is to replace the plastic device attached to the door striker. But if the entire assembly is broken, replace it with a Crown door striker.

Why get a Crown door striker and nothing else? For one, Crown products are tested for reliability and durability before they hit the market. Another advantage of a Crown product is its availability. Many Jeep parts for some old Jeep models are no longer available in the market, as most of them are already phased out. Thankfully enough, Crown still manufactures hard-to-find parts and you can find them here at Parts Train—your trusted online auto parts store.

Aside from door strikers, Crown manufactures components for the transmission, engine, cooling system, brake system, suspension, axle, body, clutch, driveline, exhaust, and steering. The company has the largest stock of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles and all for good reason. So if you are having trouble locating a particular part for your Jeep, all you have to do is shop for a part that carries the Crown brand.

Crown door strikers are more dependable than your run-of-the-mill alternative, so it is always a smart move if you choose a more reliable part. To ensure that you get the right replacement, order it here at Parts Train now. Go through our reliable ordering system, or give us a call at our toll-free number. Either way, we will surely provide you with the best auto parts the automotive market has to offer—not to mention the discounts and other great deals you can avail yourself of.