Crown Distributor Gear & Accessories

The engine of your vehicle is an indispensable component, so all the other parts working with it must be of high-end quality. To keep it functioning well, you must be familiar with its main parts, neighboring systems—basically all the things that are important to the engine in the accomplishment of its tasks. Among these is the distributor. Modern vehicle owners like you are fortunate because there are already a lot of performance upgrades available today. There are also many different high-end automotive components in the market. When it comes to the distributor and its parts, Crown is one of the most reliable sources. It offers even not so popular components like the Crown distributor gear.

The Crown automotive components are designed for a worry-free drive. All these guarantee that you will finally enjoy the vehicle performance that you have always desired. This is easy since all Crown products are tested to be highly efficient and durable. They are made using the latest automotive technology, so they are capable of performing well. For all your needed distributor parts, you can expect that the Crown products will meet your standards. The Crown distributor gear and all other distributor parts are just the right ones for your auto.

One of the important components in the operation of your vehicle engine is the distributor. It is the part of the ignition system that handles the distribution of voltage to the spark plugs and the engine cylinders. This voltage is needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture to trigger the combustion process. One of the less popular but important components of the distributor is the distributor gear. Made up of a shaft, an electrode finger, and a gear, it handles the energy supply to each ignition lead. It also rotates the distributor shaft by interlocking with the camshaft gear. Manufactured from bronze, the Crown distributor gear is crafted to last longer. It also requires no drilling in its installation.

Although a small component, the distributor gear working with your vehicle engine should be of premium quality to guarantee its reliable service. If you are in need of a replacement distributor gear, opt for the Crown distributor gear available in our online catalog here at Parts Train.