Crown Distributor Cap & Accessories

The distributor cap is one of the car parts that need to be replaced after every two years or when your vehicle has already traveled 15,000 miles, whichever of these comes first. Because of the high electrical currents that pass through the cap every time your car is driven, carbon deposits build up in it over time. After a while, it can get broken or cracked because of the undue stress that it suffers, what with all the heat and vibration in the engine. If you want a distributor cap that is more durable than the factory one, you should consider getting a Crown distributor cap.

The Crown distributor cap works just like an original distributor cap. It is made from hard plastic and is proven to last the same time as the factory cap, sometimes even longer. Although it is important that you regularly inspect the cap and replace it at the recommended time, you can expect this Crown product not to break down sooner than the specified replacement interval. When getting a new distributor cap, you may also want to ask around for a new rotor since these two are often replaced together, and are usually sold separately.

When having troubles with the distributor, it is easy to diagnose if the problem roots from the distributor cap. All you have to do is to wait until it is dark outside, and then pop the hood of your vehicle while the engine is running. If you see sparks coming from between the electrodes on the cap—that means the cap is cracked or broken. Remember not to touch the cap because a great amount of electricity runs through it. But if you experience hard startup in cold weather, as well as stalling, backfiring, and a pinging or knocking noise even when the cap is not cracked, you should also have your car inspected. You may need to get a Crown distributor cap as a replacement.

When it comes to replacing the distributor cap, you can save on the service cost if you do the process yourself. Your vehicle manual often comes with instructions to help you. You can also browse the internet for do-it-yourself tips. When it comes to getting your needed cap, never settle for a substandard part. Get a Crown distributor cap here at Parts Train.