Crown Distributor & Accessories

Your car ride begins with a spark. That's how it is for your Jeep. Your SUV needs a tiny spark in order for it start moving. That's what makes the difference between a static vehicle and a mobile one. The car's ignition system is one of the many important systems in your engine. It ignites the spark that gets your Jeep moving. At the core of this system is the distributor. Behind every efficiently-starting engine is the Crown distributor, a replacement part that is best for a Jeep.

move. A rotor that is shaped like a rotating arm and the coil, both of which are inside the distributor, distributes the voltage to the different cylinders of the vehicle. Have you ever played Spin the Bottle? Notice how the snout of the bottle points to everyone in the circle. The rotor is something like that. It spins but doesn't really touch the periphery of the circle. It does make contact with certain points at the circle's circumference when the coil releases the high voltage. The rotor does not really touch the edges, but it releases voltage. Once this voltage is released, it is distributed to the different spark plug wires. These wires are connected to the different cylinders that make the vehicle move. This process must be in the exact timing as that of the other engine systems. Timing is everything with the engine. It must be exact in order to create the correct fuel-air mixture that makes the car move.

To maintain your Jeep's very powerful engine, regularly check whether any part of the engine system needs to be replaced. In doing this, inspect whether the distributor already needs a new unit in place. A routine check-up is always necessary. You wouldn't want to miss your destination just because you were unable to start your car.

Your Jeep promises you of a very enjoyable and fun ride. Always maintain it, and always make the spark that gets your SUV moving. Get going and get your Crown distributor now at Parts Train.