Crown Differential Plenum & Accessories

Whenever your car is driven straight ahead, the wheels rotate at the same speed. However, this is not the case when your car turns a corner. When it makes a turn, one of the wheels spins faster than the other. Imagine three people lined side by side. If they make a turn to face right while still standing in that position, the one at the rightmost corner makes only a few steps while the one at the leftmost corner has to cover a great deal of distance to keep up. The same principle applies to car wheels, with the process made possible by the differential. It is therefore important to maintain the differential in your auto in good working order. When one of its parts is damaged, you should replace it with a reliable component. Do you need a new differential plenum? The Crown differential plenum is ideal for you.

The plenum is one of the less popular components of the differential. Supplying power to the wheels while allowing them to spin at different speeds, the differential ensures that handling is maintained even when cornering. This is accomplished through various differential components such as the gears, ring, side, pinion, spider gear, retaining pin, and case. The Crown differential plenum, on the other hand, is used with a hydraulically-activated clutch that controls the rotation of the side gears.

By controlling the side gears, the clutch is able to regulate the degree of variation in the movement of opposite wheels when turning. Hydraulic pressure is needed in the operation of this clutch, and this is provided by a pump. Pressure varies according to the speed of the side gears. When the pressure of the fluid reaches a certain level, this fluid is released to the plenum where its pressure drops. The plenum then returns it to the pump for recirculation. Performing an important function, the Crown differential plenum is designed with premium quality.

Having the differential in your vehicle inspected at least once a year or when you notice something unusual with the handling of your car is important. Replacing a broken differential component is a must to maintain your driving safety. In case the differential plenum gets broken, the Crown differential plenum is an ideal replacement. You can get this and other Crown replacement parts here at Parts Train.