Crown Differential Cover & Accessories

Nothing lasts forever. This is true especially when it comes to car parts. Motorists are well aware that they eventually need to get replacement parts to keep their cars in top shape. The Crown differential cover is such a device. Technically a component of the axle assembly, the differential cover also protects parts of the transmission system, which is directly responsible for modifying and transmitting the mechanical output of the engine to the wheels, making the vehicle move. But a car doesn't just move in a straight path. It also needs to turn. This is when a differential becomes useful.

Not many people know that the wheels actually run at different speeds especially when a car is making a turn. Imagine you are driving on a highway and you need to make a right turn. In this case, compared to the right wheels, those at the left would need to create a larger turn and cover a larger portion of the ground. For this to be possible, the differential distributes the required power to the wheels. Depending on the type of vehicle, there can be as much as three differentials installed. A front-wheel drive vehicle needs one near the front wheels. For vehicles with rear-wheel drive, a rear differential is needed. Meanwhile, an all-wheel drive vehicle has three differentials: one in front, one in the rear, and one in between the front and rear wheels.

Due to the crucial task of the differential, it is only right to equip it with the Crown differential cover. The differential gear cover is a removable protective component that serves as the differential gear housing. It is sometimes constructed from stainless steel or cast aluminum material. When changing lubricants or cleaning the differential gears, the differential gear cover can be removed.

Don't just think of how your car will run; think about how to keep it running properly. Replace any failing differential components immediately, and rest assured that every turn you make is a smooth and safe one. For top-quality Crown differential cover and other aftermarket components, visit Parts Train today to get great deals and prompt delivery.