Crown Differential & Accessories

The top pick of many off-road enthusiasts, the Jeep vehicle is a product of hard work as well as meticulous planning and designing. For those who appreciate a Jeep's worth, they also know that this vehicle can traverse all terrains because of its excellent engineering. With its rugged look and innovative features, every Jeep vehicle is equipped with all the components that are deemed important to its powerful performance. Jeeps vehicles also feature tailgates, side-mounted spares, large headlights, and many others that other vehicles may not have. And of course, since Jeep vehicles are constantly encountering off-road conditions, it is never complete without the Crown differential.

Responsible for permitting each torque output to spin the wheels at different speeds, the differential is found in most modern cars and trucks. Many four-wheel drive vehicles need to be equipped with a differential between each set of drive wheels. These vehicles also need one differential between the front and back wheels. This is because front wheels travel a different speed compared to the rear wheels.

Since Jeep vehicles are primarily used for off-road driving, you need to have a reliable Crown differential since the open differential in uneven terrains can get you in real trouble. The open differential applies the same torque to your vehicle's front and rear wheels. As a result, your vehicle cannot move if one of its front tires or rear tires comes off the ground.

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