Crown Dash Indicator Lamp & Accessories

Almost all dashboard meters or gauges have accompanying dash indicator lamps such as the Crown dash indicator lamp. The lamps are intended to signal the driver if certain limit is reached and needs immediate attention. Even if the gauges are not working very well, you can rely on the dash indicator lamp, although it does not show exact measurement. One of the gauges that are typically accompanied by a dash indictor is the gasoline meter. When the gasoline level reaches critical level that it is near exhausted, the gasoline level dash indicator lamp flashes to remind the driver that he needs to refuel. Another type of dash indictor lamp is used to indicate operations. For instance, when you flip the switch of the turn signal light, the corresponding dash indicator lamp will flash.

Most dash indicator lamps are color coded and are typically of circular form. Operational dash indicator lamps include indicator lamps for the backup signal light, the turn signal light, the high beam light, and the brake. These operational dash indicator lamps are different in purpose compared to the gauge indicator lamps. Operational lamps indicate that the operation that you have chosen is engaged. For instance, if the turn signal light is operating well, the dash indicator lamp will indicate that it is switched on. However, most dash indicator lamps will still function even though the main functional component is not anymore functioning. The turn signal light, for example may be busted, but the dash indicator light will still flash.

Dash indicator lights are similar to pilot lights. However, they only switch on under certain conditions. These lamps are mostly light emitting diodes or LED. They require very small amount of energy to operate. Hence, even when the battery is too weak, the dash indicator lamp may still operate. Although LED lamps are comparatively long lasting than incandescent lamps, they still burnout. If you are looking for high quality dash indicator lamps, Parts Train is the one stop automotive online shop you can trust.