Crown Crank Position Sensor & Accessories

Mechanical alignment is as important as important as perfect timing in the efficient operation of the vehicle. Proper alignment is necessary to effectively transfer mechanical output. In an automobile, the alignment of the crankshaft in reference to the engine and transmission line is very crucial. A slight misalignment can result to severe vibration, incomplete transfer of engine output and handling problems. If the crankshaft is misaligned, friction would be greater because the rotating parts would be stiffer. On the other hand, the pistons might be damaged because of a misaligned crankshaft. The pistons will be stressed further well beyond the normal operation.

Significant amount of energy will be wasted if the crankshaft is misaligned. The engine parts will also be more susceptible to damage if the crankshaft is misaligned. Crankshaft misalignment may be caused by sudden burst of force in one of the combustion cylinders. Hence, crankshaft misalignment is also an indication of improper engine timing and combustion. Since the main role of the crankshaft is to convert the linear motion of the pistons into rotational motion, a misaligned crankshaft may result to decreased engine output due to increase in resistance. Consequently, this will produce a wobble, which will make the engine very unstable to power the vehicle.

To constantly monitor the status of the crankshaft, a Crankshaft Position Sensor like the Crown Crankshaft Position Sensor is typically installed. This sensor is an electronic device that sends electrical signal to the onboard ECU of an automobile. The sensor indicates any angular variation on the crankshaft. The most common cause of crankshaft misalignment is the wrong firing sequence of the sparkplugs. Improper fuel injection may also cause crankshaft misalignment. Engine knocking or premature fuel explosion is also a cause of crankshaft misalignment. If the crankshaft becomes misaligned, the ECU may adjust the rate of fuel injection or rate of sparkplug timing. Aftermarket Crankshaft Position Sensors are available here at Parts Train.