Crown Clutch Slave Cylinder & Accessories

Hydraulically operated clutch mechanisms are increasingly becoming popular because of the cost effectiveness in the manufacturing process. Hydraulic components require lesser space and are simpler compared to mechanical components commonly found in most automobile clutch linkages. The hydraulically-operated clutch linkage has several advantages over the mechanically operated clutch linkage. Aside from the fact that it has lesser space restrictions, a hydraulically-operated clutch linkage also has the flexibility in adjusting the force exerted on the clutch fork. Its simplicity also allows it to be less susceptible to periodic damage. It has fewer moving parts that require lesser maintenance. A hydraulic clutch linkage is comprised of a master cylinder with reservoir, a hydraulic line and a slave cylinder.

Pressure is initiated by the piston of the master cylinder as the clutch pedal is pressed upon. Since the hydraulic oil fluid cannot be compressed, it naturally seeks outlets. However, the hydraulic clutch linkage mechanism is a closed system. This results in the buildup of pressure inside the clutch linkage. The input force exerted by the leg muscles is multiplied several times through the pressure buildup. The master the piston of the master cylinder forces the hydraulic fluid in the cylinder to flow into the slave cylinder through the hydraulic line. It is in the slave cylinder that the pressure is greatest.

Pressure is so great that it forces out the piston of the slave cylinder. The outward motion of the piston of the slave cylinder disengages the clutch by pushing the clutch fork. If the master cylinder is the initiator of pressure, the slave cylinder is the receiver of pressure. The whole process is a series of pressure transmission and force amplification. The clutch slave cylinder delivers this amplified force to the slave piston, which, in turn, moves the clutch fork. If you are looking for high quality aftermarket clutch slave cylinders such as the Crown clutch slave cylinder, Parts Train is the best online store to do your shopping.