Crown Clutch Shaft Dust Boot & Accessories

Although there are many types of clutches that can be found in an automobile, the main clutch of an automobile is its transmission clutch. The transmission clutch is responsible for regulating the engine output being transmitted to the wheels via the transmission shaft and driveshaft. The clutch is the main connection of the transmission shaft to the engine. When, disengaged, the transmission shaft allows the wheels to stop moving without switching off the engine. On the other hand, when the clutch is engaged, it allows the transmission shaft to rotate at the same rate as the flywheel of the engine.

Mechanical advantage or force multiplication in controlling the clutch is necessary to overcome the resistance of the clutch fork. The clutch fork is the one that engages or disengages the clutch from the flywheel of the engine. Most clutch mechanisms utilize mechanical clutch linkage to achieve force multiplication. The force input of the leg muscles are multiplied several times through a series of linkage rods and arms, or cable. Mechanical clutch linkage utilizes a combination of lever and pulley action. On the other hand, hydraulic clutch linkages utilize hydraulic pressure to multiply the initial force input. A hydraulic clutch linkage is comprised of a master cylinder with reservoir, hydraulic line and slave cylinder.

As the driver step on the clutch pedal, the input force is transmitted either mechanically or hydraulically to the clutch fork to disengage the clutch from the flywheel of the engine. Maintaining effective and efficient clutch control is not just a matter of mechanical advantage. It is also a matter of maintaining clean mechanisms. The clutch shaft dust boot is one of the components that prevent contamination especially in the hydraulic mechanism. Contaminants in the hydraulics can cause the mechanism to fail. Aftermarket clutch shaft dust boots such as the Crown clutch shaft dust boot prevent dust and debris from entering the clutch linkage mechanism. You can conveniently shop for clutch shaft dust boots here at Parts Train.