Crown Clutch Pedal Shaft Bushing & Accessories

A mechanical bushing such as the clutch pedal shaft bushing allows a mechanical moving component or assembly to be securely attached to another assembly. The main purpose of a mechanical bushing is to reduce friction and wear. This is achieved by limiting or constricting the motion of mechanical parts to certain degree. Typically, a mechanical bush is a cylindrical lining that is attached to a shaft such as the clutch pedal shaft. In this case, the clutch pedal shaft bushing prevents the clutch pedal from wobbling or swaying too much beyond the acceptable angular range when it is pressed upon.

Aftermarket clutch pedal shaft bushings like the Crown clutch pedal shaft bushing can be purchased to replace the original but defective component. Typically, clutch pedal shaft bushings are combination of metal and rubber or plastic materials. The clutch pedal shaft bushing assures that the pedal shaft maintains a precise orientation. It also prevents the clutch pedal shaft from abrasive action against the shaft housing and fire wall of the vehicle. The clutch pedal shaft bushing is also well lubricated to minimize friction. As you step on the clutch pedal, the input force of your leg is transmitted downwards. However, if the bushing is defective, some of the force will be diverted sideways. Hence, the force would not be very effective.

On the other hand if you are driving at high speed or on a bumpy road, the clutch pedal shaft bushing provides protection on the clutch pedal by absorbing some of the vibrations from the road. Although mechanical bushings such as the clutch pedal bushing are designed as protective structures, these components are themselves subject to wear and tear. Consequently, these bushings become worn out in due time. If you are looking for high quality clutch pedal shaft bushing replacements, you have come to the right place. Parts Train offers high quality aftermarket clutch pedal shaft bushings at very affordable price.