Crown Clutch Pedal Return Spring & Accessories

When you step on the clutch pedal of your vehicle, you are actually disengaging the transmission shaft form the engine. The clutch and flywheel of the engine decouple as the clutch pedal is pressed. If the clutch pedal is working well, releasing your foot from the pedal will automatically return the pedal into its original position. The clutch pedal return spring is the component responsible for this. A clutch pedal return spring like the Crown clutch pedal return spring is a torsion coil spring that is attached to the pedal under the firewall of the vehicle. When the clutch pedal is stepped upon, the clutch pedal return sprig extends. Hence, tensile force is stored on the spring. When the foot is removed from the pedal, the stored force on the spring is released, returning the clutch pedal into its original location.

Without the clutch pedal return spring, the clutch pedal might become locked in place. Consequently, the clutch will not be re-engaged. Although the hydraulic oil of the clutch mechanism has the tendency to backflow as soon as the pressure on the clutch pedal is relieved, the passive force is not enough to return the clutch pedal to its original position. If the clutch pedal does not return to its original position, the clutch pedal would become virtually useless. If the pedal is stuck, you cannot press on it again to operate the clutch. It would be very inconvenient to manually pull the clutch pedal just to return it to its original position.

Hence, the clutch pedal return spring is an essential component of the clutch pedal mechanism. Actually, there are at least two clutch pedal springs installed in a typical clutch pedal. One spring provides the counter action so that the clutch pedal will not abruptly snap back when the foot pressure is released. Here at Parts Train we provide all types of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, including clutch pedal return spring.