Crown Clutch Linkage Boot Clip & Accessories

Clutch linkage refers to the mechanical or hydraulic assembly of components that allows the diver to have control over the clutch. Most vehicles have the mechanical clutch linkage. A mechanical clutch linkage is comprised of the clutch pedal, a series of linkage rods and arms, or a cable. On the other hand, a hydraulic clutch linkage is comprised of a clutch master cylinder and reservoir, a hydraulic transmission line, and slave cylinder. Hydraulic clutch linkages are increasingly becoming popular among manufacturers because of cost effectiveness. Hydraulic clutch linkages are simpler in design and requires lesser space compared to mechanical clutch linkages. Hydraulic clutch linkages also have the flexibility when it comes to increasing the force at the clutch fork.

A clutch linkage multiplies the input force of the leg muscles of the driver. The multiplication of force is called mechanical advantage. In mechanical clutch linkage, mechanical advantage is achieved through a lever action principle. The cable, the series of linkage rods and arms act a lever and fulcrum that counteract the resistance of the clutch fork. On the other hand, when it comes to hydraulic clutch linkage, mechanical advantage or multiplication of input force is achieved through the buildup of pressure. Pressure buildup is initiated when you step on the clutch pedal. As you step on the clutch pedal, the piston connected to the pedal presses the hydraulic oil inside the master cylinder.

Since hydraulic oil cannot be compressed, it great pressure is exerted as it tries to escape through the hydraulic line into the slave cylinder. Pressure is greatest in the slave cylinder. The piston of the slave cylinder gives way to the pressure. This pressure is converted into piston force that is exerted to the clutch fork. In turn, the clutch fork disengages the clutch from the flywheel. A protective rubber clutch linkage boot encloses the clutch linkage. Clutch linkage boot clips secure this protective boot in place. Here at Parts Train, we offer high quality clutch linkage boot clip brands such as the Crown clutch linkage boot clip.