Crown Cluster Gear Bearing & Accessories

A cluster gear assembly can be found in the transmission gear box of the automobile. As the name implies, it is a group of gears closely associated with each other in a single shaft. Its main purpose is to regulate the speed and torque of the transmission shaft. Typically, the cluster gear assembly is comprised of four gears with increasing sizes. The size increment represents speed reduction. The biggest gear represents the slowest speed, since the biggest gear, given the same input speed, requires greater time to complete one rotation. When the manual shift lever is adjusted, the cluster gear assembly will either move forward or backward. Depending on the configuration, shifting the gear forward will increase the rotational speed of the transmission shaft.

Although the acceleration of the vehicle is controlled through the accelerator pedal, shifting gear is basically for the purpose of adjusting the speed and torque output on the transmission shaft. Torque refers to the rotational force, while speed refers to the rate of rotation given a fix amount of time. Typically, rotational rate is expressed in terms of rounds per minute. On the other hand, torque is expressed in terms of pounds-feet. This implies the amount of load that a rotating shaft can handle given a fix distance to be traveled. Generally, torque is more important than speed because it determines the amount of mechanical abuse that the vehicle can handle.

Greater torque is necessary when the vehicle is carrying heavier loads. Typically, the speed must be slowed down to increase the torque. The differential gears of the transmission line allow the shift in torque output. However, to effectively carry load, the cluster gear assembly must have a dependable cluster gear bearing. The cluster gear bearing, reduces friction and also carry some of the load, allowing the shaft to spin more smoothly. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best aftermarket cluster gear bearing brands such as the Crown cluster gear bearing.