Crown Clock & Accessories

Almost all brand new vehicles can be bought complete with internal functional accessories such as sound system (radio, CD player and speakers), charger, car phone, and lighter. Typically, the car clock is integrated to the car radio. The car clock is commonly a digital clock that is lighted by a light emitting diode (LED). The car clock is continually lighted so that it is conveniently visible, since the interior cabin is typically dark. Although the car clock has no direct significance on the function of the vehicle, it is important to the driver and passengers as reference. Most car clocks rely on the car batteries to operate. Hence, they are not very reliable, since sometimes the car batteries are drained from electrical charge.

On the other hand, some car clocks have their own power supply. However, the separate power supplies of some car clocks are only backup power supplies. When the car batteries becomes too weak or are electrically drained, the clock automatically switches on the backup power supply for energy. In this manner, the accuracy of the car clock is maintained. Other more sophisticated automobiles feature car clocks that are not located in their traditional location on the car radio or dashboard. These car clocks are sometimes featured as LCD on the windshield or rear view mirrors. These types of car clocks are rare. Very few car models feature this type of car clock.

Aftermarket car clocks such as the Crown clock are meant to replace dashboard car clocks. These clocks are also digital clocks that are lighted by LEDs so that they can be visible even during at night. Some of these aftermarket car clocks also feature digital calendars and alarms. If you are looking for high quality aftermarket car clocks, Parts Train is the trusted online shop to do your shopping.