Crown Caliper Piston & Accessories

Aftermarket caliper pistons such as the Crown caliper piston brand can be purchased to replace the original but defective caliper pistons of the rotor brake system of an automobile. When caliper piston is mentioned, it refers to the piston found in the rotor brake system. It is the piston that operates the caliper by squeezing it to grip the brake rotor. When you step on the brake pedal of your vehicle, hydraulic pressure is sent to the caliper piston. Since hydraulic oil cannot be compressed, leg muscle force is multiplied several times in the caliper piston. The hydraulic brake mechanism is comprised of an oil reservoir with two cylinders and pistons. These cylinders are called the master cylinders. A transmission line of hose connects the master cylinders to the slave cylinders connected to the caliper.

As the brake oil fills the caliper slave cylinders, the caliper pistons move out to give way to the hydraulic pressure. The motion of the pistons closes the grip of the brake caliper. Brake pads are attached on either ends of the brake calipers. These brake pads are comprised of friction materials, typically layers of metal fibers, ceramic and/or asbestos. The brake pads are the ones which are in direct contact with the brake rotor. By pressing against the surface of the brake rotor, the brake pads stop the rotor from rotating. By the way, brake rotor and brake disc are not only synonymous terms. Rather, they are terms that refer to the same component. Hence they are interchangeable. Brake rotor is a British English tem, while brake disc is an American English term.

Typically, rotor brake systems are standard brakes systems of smaller vehicles. A rotor brake system is simpler and less bulky. Both the front wheels and rear wheels can use the brake rotor system. A brake rotor system is also less prone to breakdown because they have fewer parts. Here at Parts Train, we offer the best brands of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, including caliper pistons.