Crown Brake Shoe Spring Kit & Accessories

Almost all smaller vehicles use brake rotor systems. A brake rotor system is a type of brake system that uses a rotor or disc and a caliper. Brake rotor and brake disc are not only synonymous terms; rather, they refer to the same component. Bake rotor is a British English term, while brake disc is an American English term. Hence, the two terms can be interchanged but should not be confused as referring to different components. A brake rotor system has a caliper that act as a vice that grips the rotating rotor. Typically, a brake rotor is attached to every wheel of the vehicle. When you step on the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is sent to the pistons of the brake caliper. In turn, the brake caliper grips the rotating rotor, stopping its motion.

A brake rotor system is simpler and less bulky compared to a brake drum system. A brake drum system is a type of brake system that utilizes a drum instead of a rotor. This type of brake system has comparatively more stopping power than a brake rotor system. Hence, it is commonly used in bigger vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. Drum brakes have internal components. Braking is done by pressing brake shoes on the internal surface of the drum. The brake shoe actuators expand outward to press the brake shoes against the internal surface of the brake drum. In contrast, the brake caliper grips the rotating rotor to stop the wheels.

Brake drums have more complex internal structure that is comprised of the brake cylinder, the brake piston, emergency brake mechanism, adjuster mechanism, brake shoes and brake pads. The brake shoes are two semi-circle structures that have brake pads. These semi circle structures expand when the pistons push on them. A set of brake shoe springs allows them to return to their normal positions. Aftermarket brake shoe spring kits such as the Crown brake shoe spring kit can be purchased to replace the original. Here at Parts Train, we guarantee the high quality of the aftermarket brake shoe spring kits that we offer.