Crown Brake Pedal Return Spring & Accessories

As you step on the brake pedal, leg muscle input is converted into mechanical output. The force of your leg muscles is multiplied several times by the hydraulic or mechanical components of the brake system. This amplified force is exerted on the pistons of the main brake mechanism. In smaller vehicles, the main brake mechanism is a brake caliper with brake pads. The brake pads of the caliper are pressed against the rotating brake disc (also called brake rotor). This rotating disc is connected to a wheel of the vehicle. Each wheel has a brake disc. Stopping the brake discs from rotating automatically stops the wheels from rotating. Braking is an abrupt process of stopping the car without disengaging the clutch or switching off the engine.

A brake mechanism allows you to control the motion of your vehicle almost effortlessly with very little force. Stopping the motion of an automobile with mere brute muscle force is not enough. Muscle force must be amplified by the brake mechanisms to be effective. Controlling the vehicle is not just a matter of maneuvering its direction or accelerating its speed, it is also a matter of stopping it. Stopping the vehicle in its motion has something more to do with safety than maneuvering its direction or accelerating its speed. Effectively avoiding accidents such as collisions or falling off a cliff is made possible by the ability of the vehicle to abruptly stop.

Abrupt stopping requires great force that can counteract the momentum of the vehicle and the rotational force of the wheels. Stepping on the brake pedal is almost effortless. However, the vehicle might be stuck if the pedal fails to return in its original position. Hence, a pedal returns spring is necessary to allow the pedal to return to its original position as you remove your foot from pressing it. An aftermarket brake pedal return spring such as the Crown brake pedal return spring is a torsion spring that can be installed on the brake pedal to replace the original. Here at Parts Train, we offer reliable aftermarket brake pedal return springs at very affordable price.