Crown Brake Hose & Accessories

There are two main types of brake systems, namely the drum brake system and the rotor brake system. Each name pertains to the main functional units or brake surfaces. The brake surface of a drum brake system is the interior of the drum, while that of the rotor brake system is the disc or rotor. These main functional units are directly connected to the wheels. So, if their rotations are stopped, the corresponding wheel rotations will also stop. In both types of brake systems, the transmission, modification, and amplification of brake force are mainly carried out by the hydraulic component. Hydraulic hoses such as the Crown Brake Line channel the brake fluid into the different units of the brake system.

Stepping on the brake pedal triggers a series of hydraulic actions that slow down or stop the wheels, which entails a tremendous amount of force. The brake force needed to effectively stop the wheels from turning relies on the pressure inside the Brake Lines. Although Brake Lines are not exposed to intense heat and abrasions unlike the major brake components, they are subjected to extreme pressure of the hydraulic fluid. Because of this, they still need to be made durable to withstand the damage that may be caused by this pressure. When it comes to durability and reliability, the brand that you can trust is Crown.

For more than four decades, Crown has been among the most trusted auto parts manufacturers in the automotive market. The company's dedication to manufacturing high-quality products is evident on the Crown Brake Line that it offers. The Brake Line manufactured by Crown is made from tough composite materials that can withstand tremendous pressure while maintaining its flexibility.

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